About Me


Who am I

Hi! I am Hugo Sibony. I am a second year undergraduate student from EPITA, school of Computer Engineering, majoring in CyberSecurity. Currently looking for a 36 months work-study program (internship) in CyberSecurity starting September 2024 and a 4-6 months internship starting January 2024.

My Education Experiences

I’m an undergraduate studying cybersecurity. I’m also creating a startup, TrueFalse, with a friend.
We’re trying to create new tools using AI for cybersecurity, for example my latest project is a tool that uses reinforcement learning to do pentesting.

In the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to do go to Berkeley as part of their Summer Sessions. During this summer, I took 2 classes, one on Computer Science (CS 61A) and one on Mathematics (MATH N1A).
Feel free my report on my experience at Berkeley here.

After that, as part of an exchange program, I went to James Cook University Singapore for a semester. I took 4 classes there, one on Ethical Hacking, one on Network Security, one on Programming in Java and one on Data Mining.
Feel free to read my report on my experience at JCU here.

My Interests

I am interested in CyberSecurity, I’m currently learning about blue teaming, Network Security. I like to do Capture the Flag from time to time.

I also like to do some programming, I’m currently doing some open source projects, you can find them on my Github or on my Portfolio.

Leadership and Teamwork

International Ambassador (EpiAmbassador)

EPITA, for Berkeley, USA and JCU, Singapore

June 2022 - Current

Staff Com Member

EPITA, Paris

September 2022 - Current